Become a member


Members of the Society represent a wide range of disciplines, training experiences, expertise and nationalities, all bound by a commitment to furthering the practice of psychotherapy within Hong Kong. Members are invited to join regular talks, trainings and workshops to improve their own knowledge as well as sharing their expertise. As a learned society, the PSHK welcomes members of all stages of training and professional growth.

Why join PSHK?

There are several benefits:

Continue to develop your clinical skills by attending regularly scheduled presentations addressing relevant topics to the practising clinician.

Attend workshops throughout the year that teach you specific skills to improve therapeutic outcomes and enhance your practice.

Receive continuing education credits from the Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS) for selected PSHK workshops and training.

Receive discounts on all presentations and workshops organised by PSHK.

Stay informed about all events organised by PSHK, as well as those of other organisations that may be of interest to you.

Attend peer supervision groups to sharpen your clinical skills.

Network and connect professionally with other members by being listed on the PSHK website.

Support the development of a well-trained community of clinicians in Hong Kong.


There are four membership categories

Full Member

HK$550 per year

A person who has earned a master’s degree (or equivalent) or doctoral degree from a programme in mental health or a related field*. The degree must be recognized by a regional or national accreditation body in the country in which it was earned.


A person who has completed approved training, including both theoretical courses in psychotherapy/counselling and approved, supervised clinical work experience.


A person who has completed at least 250 hours of approved direct supervised clinical practise and 100 hours of direct clinical supervision. These hours must be confirmed in writing by a clinical supervisor.

A psychiatrist with college membership/fellowship in Hong Kong.

*e.g., clinical psychology, counselling psychology, marriage and family counselling, educational psychology, psychological counselling, psychiatric/clinical social work.

Associate Member

HK$400 per year

A person who works in the mental health or a related field (e.g., counsellors, psychiatric or other registered nurses, social workers, physicians other than psychiatrists) with clinical experience in psychotherapy, counselling or related approach.


A person who is undergoing training in psychotherapy, counseling or a related field.


A person with an undergraduate degree or diploma in counselling, psychology, social work or nursing.

Affiliate Membership

HK$300 per year

Individuals who have an interest in the mental health field and the goals of the Society.

Student Membership

HK$150 per year

A person who is studying psychotherapy, counselling or another mental health related subject full time and has a student identification card.

Please note that Associate Members, Affiliate Members and Student Members receive all the benefits of membership except eligibility to hold the position of Officer. The Executive Committee is responsible for determining the membership status of new members according to the criteria approved by the Society.